Peter Frantz



Time as it is so often described may exist or it may not, but there are breaks in the continuum; it is the cadence.  The interval can be fast (atoms disintegrating) or slow (the birth and death of stars), but interval it is.  Life as I know it is pandemonium based on the unceasing modulation of the cosmic plane. This is why rhythm is so basic to our psyche.  We live by it; the tick tock of cadenza is how we repeat ourselves to the stars. 

We are millions of souls creating our own beat like intertwining and never-ending fractals written against the score of the sky.  It is throwing stone after stone skipping across a pond, the prayer wheels of Tibet and the pulse of the silence.  It is the allegory for the rhythm that is created by humans to match the heartbeat of the cosmos.

We always hear the drums.....