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A Sense of Place- A Visit to the Springhouse

Look around; there are echoes in here. History, hopes and dreams.  Lost time, lost lives, lost love. The matrix of families with all their assumptions and visions.  They all reside here and they all continue to speak, like images falling through an open window, tied by strings too small to see and too veiled to understand.  I want to slip them among my fingers and twine them around my wrist, pulling them together and watching them hover like a kite.  But the more I pull them in, the more they diffuse rather than return. 


This place hovers like a veiled city made of spider web, just off my vision, a peripheral view that moves like strings across your eyes.  You cannot look at it directly but you can see it – you can sense it as it moves in and out of your dreams and wanders like an island in the sand.  You watch as it slides across the ground and wonder how that can happen…but all this time you are entering deeper and deeper into this Place, as time washes past you like tears in the rain; an analogy used over and over, and in fact, a sense of place itself. 


Memories of things that were, and things that will be, are not precise but color your focus and surround your thoughts like a passing cloud on an otherwise clear blue sky. You can close your eyes or leave them open, once you embark on the passage it is no longer physical, nor intellectual for that matter; you glide like an elemental into places where your mind has already been and add to the layers and layers of dimensions we all create with our lives- you are untouched but elevated.


The focus of this installation is that art like life can create a focal point for the convergence of multiple forces, functions, rationales; we will call this assembly place. Not place as a location but Place as an emotional as well as physical abstraction and as such it depends on arbitrary boundaries to substantiate its existence.  This is its beauty though, and gives credence to the notion that objects, and thoughts (ideas), which exist within its sphere, define  (or constrain) its boundaries in space and time as survey lines might define it in a flat plane.


There are limits though, the edges of the vision often seems fuzzy, where the light gets dim and the essence gets thinned…or overrun maybe… something less perhaps…in any case there are boundaries but they exist in a 4th dimensional plane, or 5th or 6th or 7th.  Depending on your beliefs some of these places may have always existed, but more importantly they can be created- what a wonderful thing to know.  There is no recipe, this is not jello; this is the continuity of existence and the history of our souls.


Not everyone gets to picnic here.  It's not exclusionary, however the key is attuned to different souls and you may or may not be invited.  You are, though, always able to knock and the choice to enter will at all times be yours.


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