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Peace Should Not Be This Fragile: A Portrait of Panzi
Mama kwa mwanawe, mtoto kwa mamaye

(A mother is for her child, the child is for its mother)


particularly the mother

who always keeps faith with the earth

who feels the brunt of men's desire for conquest and power

whose strength is measured not in years but history

who carries us away when the world is burning

who God depends on to complete the world




The Child

Carved Limestone


77 x 20 x 10  

Beam, plaster, fabric, wax, found materials


Mama Wa Dunia
(Earth Mother)

85 x 22 x 22 

Tree, plaster, clay, garden


Venus de Bukavu
The Kivu Madonna

85 x 25 x 15   

79 x 27 x 17 

Plaster, wood (tree), fabric, audio

Ursula's Pain

61 x 31 x 18   

Burlap, kraft paper, wood