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A rose is beautiful not because of how it looks but for what it represents

and how it got to be

a rose is made of many tiny pieces, just like we are

like us, a mosaic

each piece is extremely fragile and easily disturbed

but is necessary in order to arrive at this thing we call beauty

a form of visual enticement

beauty is never skin deep, you cannot deceive

knowing beauty is about appreciation and understanding, not protection

it is about understanding the makeup

many things of beauty are nearly indestructible

but not all

not flowers

not humans

small hurts and indifference can bring larger things down

they may linger

because some small piece of the mosaic is injured

these things are often not meant to happen, just a lack of care

if you wish for things of beauty to be in your world

then to care for means to realize

so, if I say to you that people should exercise care

it is to say open your eyes and appreciate what you see

but most important

realize that what you see is only the result

it is like looking at a dried rose, to some it is withered,

to others it will always contain that which made it beautiful

and therefore, as with most things, it is about possibilities

never history

and this thing possibilities, then, is called hope

so, beauty is of such importance to us because it always represents hope


don't you think this is true?

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