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Passage: Echoes Off My Shoulder

It is the (non empty) distance between the openings and passages immanent. The infinitesimal turbulence where we are all particles bouncing off each other and around each other yes, through each other.  It is the spaces left over from the merging of galaxies. It is the gestalt of a loved one leaving, the echo of a goodbye and the breeze on our face that is more than just wind. It is the motion in the corner of our eye and the doorways to those places where all our dreams lie.
An Opening Unused

97 x 64 x 47   

Cast bronze, patina, marble base

Coming and Going

100 x 54 x 46 

Cast bronze, patina, marble base

Musings Along the Elliptical

95 x 38 x 12

Cast bronze, steel, wood base