Echoes off my Shoulder

A Visit to the Springhouse

Look around; there are echoes in here.


Lost time, lost lives, lost love. History, hopes and dreams.  Assumptions and visions.  I sat by the springhouse built by my grandfather, a small pool of water and a stone step at the front of the grotto.  Built by hand, the small stones and concrete describe a rounded form. My mother sat here with her sisters, and my grandmother.  The water was dark and cold and as near as I could tell, reached the other side of the world through the mysterious passageways of the inner earth. Time existed there, but it was not the time we associate with the everyday. Time was suspended, opening doorways into ages past and ages to come.  The springhouse was a tiny spot on the face of the world where the rules we so often abide by no longer operated as they should, or, I suppose, as expected. 


The setting was surrounded by pine trees below my grandmother’s house, near a small creek that led to a bigger creek, which I would imagine eventually ended up as a river filling the Chesapeake Bay.  So eventually blue crabs grew in the same water I built dams in, trapping their crayfish cousins for a day or so. Did they have any memory of me?  What can portray the physical form of memory better than a river?  It starts and moves but never leaves; water travels but the river always remains.


This is what a memory is; it is both linear and it is not. It is a particular instant in the past framed in the present, a composite image of a moment gone that was once filled with possibility.  And every memory is a conversation with ourselves.


Well, if the crabs did not know me, I got my revenge. I have had them for lunch when I was older, even as the years got carried away with the currents.



Coming and Going

100 x 54 x 46   (cm- 254 x 137 x 51)

Cast bronze, patina, marble base



Proximity- An Opening Unused

97 x 64 x 47   (cm- 239 x 163 x 119)

Cast bronze, patina, marble base



Passage: Flatwork





Working drawings, sketches and ideas related to the Passage content


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